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African American Interest, Poetry, General Nonfiction, Parenting

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    Certified Life Coach, Advocate, Author


My passion for empowering people to reach their potential is what drives me to pursue certification as a life coach. My professional career began in 2013 when I earned an associate degree in paralegal study. Since 2013, I've undertaken various projects, such as the publication of two influential books, "The Road to Reentry", in 2017, and "Pursuing Redemption", in 2020.

In addition, I use my experience to help those who have been incarcerated. As a paralegal, advocate, life coach I am committed to fostering a just and equitable society. As a firm believer in the transformational power of every person, I'm resolutely committed to using my vast knowledge and experience to offer comprehensive guidance and unwavering assistance. In order to help others achieve their professional and personal goals, I will provide them with essential tools.

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